what role does human dignity in bioethics and biolaw in law

Human dignity in bioethics and biolaw

Order Description

Human dignity in bioethics and biolaw,

Brief introduction/background
Background to the problem and main reason for doing the work/Aims

Summary/Abstract (optional)
Do after completing other parts of poster. This should be a brief overview of the main aims, methods, results and conclusions.

A brief description of the main approaches used, including statistical analysis of data.

Key experimental findings (not all results).
Give representative data and list main experimental findings.

Main conclusions/summary

Short bullet point form.

Critical analysis

Discuss the conclusions with reference to
the literature. Are they well founded on the
evidence presented?
Alternative interpretations?
Issues raised
Alternative approaches

Make sure your poster is well written and
presented and include a short reference list.

Use your own words
Use font large enough to read from a distance (clearly legible on A4 print)
Largest font for title
Give brief details of authors and affiliations (smaller font)

Good balance between text and figures
Not too much text
Not too much data
Good use of colours/contrast to make it look more attractive
Use text boxes on power point format (one slide)

Specific assignment guidelines will be issued nearer the time. Sources of reference:
Journal of Medical Ethics
The American Journal of Bioethics
Ethics & Human Research
Penn Bioethics Journal

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