The terms and conditions for Lion Essays are applicable to all our clients. They are aimed at ensuring less or no confusion as we work close with our clients. Therefore, before placing any order you, the client, you are requested to go through the terms and conditions keenly understanding each and every term. In the terms we have outlined our rights and obligation. By accepting to place an order with us, you have agreed to the terms and conditions of our services.

About the site and your use of the site

The site works in such a way that it displays the all necessary and needed information about the company. This information includes, the guarantees, about us, our services etc. the company has all the rights to change the outlook of the site without necessarily alarming the client. Placing and paying our service must be in line with your agreement to our terms and [getting into a contract with us.

Placing or previewing an order

To place or preview an order you will be required to submit an online form to the company with details on the kind of work you want help with. The form should also include all details on the work including deadlines, specifications in font type and size, pages and details of the content. Apart from all this details on your work, the company also requires you to fill the personal information slot. The information is very important and efficient between the writers and the clients. Update is needed where your information might have changed.

Terms and Conditions

Personal data and payment information: use and security

The collection of your personal information is important to us. We get your information and use it relevantly owing to the fact that your details will not be disclosed to anyone. Find out how we use your details and how we collect your data in our privacy policy.

Account information and security

When registering with us, we will request for your email, name and ask you to create your password. The details of your account should not be disclosed to anyone since you will be the one responsible for whatever happens in your account. In you suspect any malicious activity with your account, we request that you edit your information. In a situation where we find that your password is not as secure, we will request that you change your password through your email address. However, if by chance you have forgotten your password we request that you click here in order to be able to reset your password. Protecting your account is your responsibility and the company is not liable for any errors caused concerning your account.

Payment and discounts

Once you place an order with us, we expect that you will pay the fee of our services in advance. We will not by any chance share with you the service we have provided to you if the payment has not been made. It is therefore mandatory that the client clears all the fee charges before they can receive the service provided by the company. We have discounts which are highlighted in the FAQ sections. Visit the page site for moiré highlight.

Use of product

The product we deliver to you is believed to be used by only you and no third person is obliged into using the same product not even for any commercial gains. In case you use our information in your school work make sure that you have provided necessary citations. Our papers are majorly provided to help students in their research and references since we have referenced our works in all the styles provided globally. All our products are initially the work of our freelancers who have given the company all rights to the product who eventually transfers the ownership to the client. Therefore, no two copies of the same product are submitted to the client. Once you are done with the paper, you are expected to destroy the paper in that no such copies will be made elsewhere.

Refunds and cancellation

Once you place an order, you can cancel it in case the order placed is wrong or in case you have placed the order twice. The cancellation and refund policy is well explained in the money back guarantee policy.

Our Writers

How do you ensure good writers?

We have a rigorous writer selection process. Applicants must submit their academic credentials and a CV that provides their background and experience. We then give the applicant a writing assignment and review the finished product carefully. When a client places an order, we present it only to those writers who are qualified to complete it. Once a writer has been assigned you are free to contact the writer and request any additional information about his/her qualifications.

Can I have direct communication with my writer?

We encourage direct communication between writer and client, as a part of our policy of transparency. When there is this communication there are no misunderstandings about the order or finished product. Generally, this communication is set up through the website; however, when a complex and major work is ordered, it may be most expedient for writer and client to communicate more directly such as by phone or personal email. If you should wish this type of communication, please contact customer support, so that it may be arranged. Generally, writers wish to remain anonymous, as do clients, but, if they agree, certainly we can arrange for phone and/or direct email contact.

Are all your writers native English-speaking?

Yes. All of our writers are academics from the U.S., UK, Australia, and Canada, and, occasionally Western Europe, if they are fully proficient in English. Occasionally, we do employ writers from other countries as well, but only when they have been educated in English-speaking universities. Any client may request a writer from a specific country if they wish.

What if the writer has questions about my order?

Your writer will contact you through a message into your personal account. You will get an email stating that there is a message for you!

Ordering Process

How do I place an order?

On the website, you need only access the order form. On this form, we ask that you complete all fields with as much detail as possible, so that we have a complete picture of what you need. New customers will also need to create a personal account for purposes of communication during the process. Your completed order form will be analyzed and accepted. At this point, you will be asked to make payment, and we will locate the perfect writer for your work.

How do I pay for an order?

Once your order has been accepted, we will ask for payment. You payment procedure is as follows: -Using your personal account (username and password protected), go to the “My Orders” link on your navigation panel. -Open your order and click to “check out.” You will be given options of PayPal, credit cards, or bank account. -Provide your information and click “Make Payment.” A Word About Security: If you use PayPal, you understand the security involved. If you use a credit card or e-check, please understand that all payments are processed by a secure third-party – the same that you would use when you purchase from Amazon or E-Bay.

How will I receive my paper?

As soon as your paper is completed and checked by our editing department we upload it to your personal account. We also email you to let you know it is ready and, if you wish, we will also send it to your personal email.

What if I need my paper revised?

Simply contact our customer support department by phone, email, or live chat and we will take care of it immediately!

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