Privacy Policy

Lion Essays has laid upon the privacy policy for its clients which will govern both parties, the client and the company. This is to ensure that there is that freedom between both sides and that there is adequate of trust on the kind of information share between us. As a company we are interested in collecting certain information concerning you. This includes your name, email address, access time to our website and related details etc. we take this information in order to work smoothly with you. It is important that you realize that we don’t use your information wrongly. We use it for our own use and to better the working conditions between us and you. Through your email address information, we are able to access to you without so much difficulty.
Our transaction system is very unique. Your information is however not accessible to any third person. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. It is therefore necessary that no one violates this. To ensure that we work well, we request that our clients do not share this information with a third part whatsoever this is because the information might get out of hand resulting into future insecurities. Violation of the privacy terms could lead into breach of contract and even withdrawal from working together. In a situation where you want to change your details, you can do so conveniently without so much trouble. You can also delete or update your information if need be.
The privacy policy could be changing from time to time and it is therefore the duty of the client to keep visiting our website to ensure that no information has been changed and they aren’t aware of. This will help in ensuring that we are up to date and no policy is being violated whatsoever.