Chose a firm, we were thinking about Apple, but you might chose another, but let me know before… 1 answer below »

Chose a firm, we were thinking about Apple, but you might chose another, but let me know before writing.

1. Short presentation of the firm/ company.

2. Explain how changes in media habits affect the way the businesses communicate with their stakeholders.

3. Which stakeholders (target groups) have the firm? Make a brief stakeholder analysis of selected business.

4. In what fields do enterprise (company, organization, political party, governmental agency and etc.) use/exploit social media today?

Give an account of other useful fields/areas where it is relevant with social media for communication channels and why ?

5. Discuss how the enterprise should measure its activity in social media.

6. Explain which social media channels we use in enterprise today and in what quantity the channels/medias own distinctiveness/specialty is used in it.

7 What characterizes your business communications in social media, and what do you require as good social communication in and from the business?

8 What are the challenges and ethical issues the business may encounter with use of social media, and how should the business meet these?

Use info given, and these links given below:

– write something about etic and law

– custom service

– Strategic use of digital channels

– If possible write something about this blog:, its in Norwegian but its mainly about “Plan Norge”, a firm who donates money to girls ++, and they used this blog and made a fake story about a girl named Thea who is going to get married. You might maybe be able to translate, if not contact me.

– Might also write short about ASL ice bucket challenge.

– relationship between events and social media

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