12 Page Screenplay/ Film Script

12 Page Screenplay/ Film Script

  1. The topic of the script needing to be written is as follows- Main character is a female named Zoe who is a 26 year old doctor, who is on a plane journey from NYC to Chicago. On the flight there is sudden chaos as one patient collapses and starts having a seizure. The challenge faced by Zoe is to understand what is wrong with the individual who collapsed and has to take the necessary steps of precaution to diagnose and save him with the only medical equipment on the plane. She has to do this before the plane makes an emergency landing. Please follow the instructions given below closely as only that will be accepted. CELTX formatting needed

Treatment (2-3 pages)

Add some meat to the bones of your outline by briefly summarizing what happens in each scene of your film.

  1. Script – (~12 pages)

Write the first draft of your short film script, in the industry-standard script format. This first draft must contain:

all scene/location headings (slug lines)

description of significant visual elements (character actions, significant images, etc.)

all dialogue and/or spoken narration

description of any graphic elements (titles, etc.) and special effects

  1. Beat Analysis

Do a beat analysis of your script.

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