Civil war timeline

Civil war timeline


Assignment: Civil War Timeline


For this assignment, create an annotated timeline for the Civil War, which includes 10 key details. You MUST include when the war began, major battles & achievements, and when the surrender was signed You must follow the directions and provide source citations for where you find the information for this timeline, which are properly formatted (see below for formatting instructions). This assignment is worth up to 25 points.


Use this rubric with the assignment.



Needs Improvement


Annotated timeline includes at least 10 key details related to the Civil War pulled from the online resource, lectures, and/or textbook.

Sources are properly documented.

· If lecture is the source, cite the date of the lecture and the instructor

· If the textbook is the source, cite the chapter and page number

· If a Web site, cite the URL, and date accessed

Does not include at least ten key details related to the Civil War and/or does not use content pulled from the online resource, lectures, or textbook

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