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Interviews with people help you to learn from their expertise, discover something interesting and vivid in their lives, solve a problem, or find answers to your questions. By interviewing someone knowledgeable in a field, you can gather relevant information on a topic and enhance your understanding of it. As a form of research away from the library, an interview can also help you to generate ideas on a topic. To be successful in this form of oral communication, you will be required to use appropriate questioning, responding, and listening skills.
For this assignment, think about something that touches our lives?in university, at work, or at home?and interview someone who can speak with the authority of experience or knowledge. For instance, you may decide to interview an employer on the differences in the management styles of male and female managers. You will conduct an interview with someone from one of the following categories of people:
a. a manager, a supervisor, a co-worker
b. a parent, an adult in a family other than your own
c. a professional: an athlete, an accountant, a lawyer, etc.
d. a student from another faculty
e. an entrepreneur, a volunteer, a community worker
Contact your interviewee and find out his or her views on aspects of his or her job that you and your audience?your instructor or other students?will find interesting. Also, prepare questions on the topics or responsibilities of the interviewee?s job so that you can elicit strong responses, emotional or intellectual, from your interviewee.
In addition, follow these instructions for the interview and your report on it:
? Determine your purpose or goal for this interview. Is your goal to gather information, seek counsel on a problem at workplace, or discover someone?s perspective on issues regarding your interviewee?s job?
? Read the attached handout, ¨Types of Interview Questions? and ¨Tips for Interviews.? Decide on categories for your questions and generate both closed and open-ended questions in each category. Arrange these questions in a meaningful sequence.
? Submit this questionnaire with your report.
? Conduct your interview and, based on your notes, write a short report that meets the following requirements:
Provide adequate background information for the audience to understand the topic and the purpose of your interview. (1 paragraph; 4-5 lines)
Describe the interviewee chosen to answer your questions: age, occupation, experience, knowledge of the topic or the issue(s) you?ve begun to investigate. (3 lines)
Summarize the information you?ve obtained during this interview, using some principle of organization to give it a coherent shape. (Avoid reporting in a question-and-answer format.) One such pattern of organization may move from generalizations to specifics or vice versa. Support the ideas or opinions with the interviewee?s explanations, observation, and examples. (4-5 paragraphs)
Discuss your own observations about what you?ve learned from this interview. Consider and discuss any ONE of these questions: What is the implication of one of the interviewee?s opinions? Is the opinion applicable to a broader issue? Did your findings in the interview conform to your expectations, or did they surprise you and why. What communication strategies did you use in your interaction with the interviewee, and how did they help or hinder the interview process? Note again, focus on one aspect or idea for discussion. (1 paragraph)
? Wherever appropriate, use transitions to link sentences and paragraphs, and edit your final draft carefully before handing it in.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Either at the end of your interview write-up or on a separate sheet, provide the following: the interviewee?s name, phone number and/or e-mail address, the date of the interview, and the interviewee?s signature confirming that you interviewed him or her.
LENGTH: 4 pages maximum (1000 words)

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