write a paper about “Identify general market and segment information on the Used Car market.” You may use any Used Car company to analyze

Individual Analysis

This is INDIVIDUAL WORK. This paper is to have you explore a market individually and not

as a group. The preliminary analysis is general market analysis and segmentation information.

Please do a research from A&M library or google.com to write a paper about “Identify general market and segment information on the Used Car market.” You may use any Used Car company to analyze. However, the information required is below.

This is an individual student project. Paper (as a Word attachment) is to be submitted directly

to the DROPBOX. For this assignment, late projects will not be acceptable. The maximum

pages for the paper should be no more than 4 content pages, using Times New Roman, 12 point

font, and APA (single spaced is required). (Please note quantity NEVER equals quality). In

addition, you should cite at least 6 credible sources (i.e., NON peer review journal articles are

preferred, but journal articles may be appropriate as well) in the paper (no more than 5 websites

may be used). You will need to include a title page with your name, table of contents, 4 pages of

content, a reference list, table, figure, and an appendix (if necessary).

Individual Analysis Rubric Items

Executive Summary

Brief Company overview

Key details from approximately each para/section 10-20% of document

Situation Analysis

Industry overview & sector description (NO SWOT ANALYSIS): Size of market (units or

sales), growth of last (3-5 yrs), industry trends, key competitors, etc.

Segment Information

Identify at least 3 segments: Possible examples but not limited to this list: high school buyers,

young buyers (give an age), international student buyers, all student buyers, married buyers

Identify at least one of each of these: demographic characteristics of market, psychographic

characteristics of market, behaviors of target market

Demographic, Psychographic, Behaviors

Marketing Mix

Product strategy

Key products, key features, product trends direction of the industry

Levels for the rubric levels

NI – Needs Improvement: Not consistent with text and lectures

P – Proficient: Consistent with text and lectures but could be improved

E – Exemplary: Exceeds information covered in text and lectures

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