Unit 1 Discussion: Fact Finding and Standardization

Unit 1 Discussion: Fact Finding and Standardization


The first phase of the project requires you to create a standard naming convention for your computing resources, and assign them appropriate IP addresses.

What critical pieces of information will you need in order to accomplish this? Where would you need to look to find this information on each client?

· Support each of your answers with at least one credible source. Please use the ECPI Online Library (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., and your course e-book to conduct your research.

Feel free to reference sources outside the course and textbook, but cite your sources, and do not plagiarize.


The critical pieces of information needed to create a naming convention is to know what type of equipment you are dealing with. Each type of equipment either workstation, server or even printer should have its own identifier as a naming convention. For example, I intend to use “SRV” as part of my identification naming convention. Other information that is necessary to capture and maintain would be MAC address and even physical location both geographically and within the campus.

To gather this information you would need to look at the NIC information on the computer in addition to knowing the site this equipment is going to or is located at if working remote. The NIC will give you not only the current IP address but also the MAC address of the computer as well.

Combining this information will give a rounded view and the most accurate information to create a very functional naming convention.


During this discussion I will be talking about what information you will be needing to name your computing resources as well as where to find it. When it comes to naming your computing resources, the first to note is where the resource is located as well as its function in your network. Also, when considering a naming convention for your network, you need to make sure that it makes sense and it is logical. For example if you have a domain controller that is located in Pennsylvania, you could use the name PA-DC. It depends on how in depth you need to go with it, there are more abbreviations you can add such as PS for print server, FS for file server, and CTX for a Citrix Server. If you have more than one of the same resources you can also add a unique ID at the end, for example if my domain controller in Pennsylvania is the third domain control in the my sequence, I could use PA-DC03. By naming your machines correctly are easy to determine which is which, it makes it easier on your as well as other users/employees who need to do maintenance or access the resources. After you have named all of your resources, an important thing to do is document each of the resources in case there is any confusion. When it comes to assigning IP addresses for each resource/machine you will need to keep in mind how many machines you will be needing. The most commonly used class of IP addresses is Class C because it can support up to 256 hosts. If you were needing more hosts and you had a huge organization or a company, you could always bump up to class B IP addresses which support up to 65,000 hosts. Here is a breakdown on understanding Class-C IP addresses!

Image result for ip address breakdown


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