This paper should describe what you will do during your first semester in the U.S.A.

Writing Essay 3~5 Pages. Please read down below and I also attached example paper. 

Purpose of this “Action Plan” Paper: This paper should describe what you will do during your first semester in the U.S.A. to transition in the western culture and adjust to the U.S. academic system.  Write about how you will use the new information from this class to increase success and achieve your goals.  Students should write about the strategies you will practice in the U.S.A. to perform better in class, on campus, with friends, with faculty, to be more successful, to have more fun, and to live healthy. 


Paper’s Title:  My Action Plan for Succeeding in the U.S.A.

Paper Length: 3 – 5 Pages

Margins: 1″ 

Font Style: Times New Roman

Font Size: 12 pt font

Line Spacing:  Double Space

Page Numbers: Place Page Numbers on the Top Right of Each Page

Paper Format: American Psychological Association Format (APA).  

Download Attachment: 
final paper_action plan.docx

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