This needs to be same one used in business plan. Topic: The Team Elevator Pitc

 This needs to be same one used in business plan. Topic: The Team Elevator PitchYour instructor will divide the class into teams. Each team will post their own individual recordings to the Discussion and then as a team choose two recordings and provide feedback as indicated below.Steps:1)  Each student should post their recorded elevator pitch that is no longer than one minute, and attach it as a .WAV file or record it using any program such as Audacity®, QuickTime®, or Jing®, absolutely NO LATER than Saturday. Make sure your file has a title and your initials.2) Meet in your assigned team area to decide the team’s goal and objectives, what process you will use, and who will be responsible for each part of the team Discussion deliverables. You may also want to meet on certain days and at certain times to discuss how you will go about fulfilling the objectives and final goal of the assignment.3) Address the team Discussion deliverables: As a team, choose two fellow students’ recordings, preferably ones that need financial resources to begin, and evaluate them on content and style. Behave like a resource provider (banker, friend, family member, or partner) in posting questions on these pitches. Also, each team member should be responsible for responding to the other team’s questions regarding their own elevator pitch if it was analyzed by another team.Your professor will be looking for questions already asked by other teams, so please assure your questions are unique. If you cannot ask unique questions, choose another recorded pitch.Respond to the other team’s question regarding your elevator pitch if a team chose yours to analyze. Each student must do three substantive posts this week. The team post counts as two.This week, the timeliness of posting your team recording will be paramount in the grading. Post early if you can—even before the grading week begins. Your initial post (the recorded elevator pitch) WILL NOT count as one of your required posts in terms of the quality section of the rubric. The initial post will only count toward the criteria section of the rubric (reflecting the timelines of your posted recording). Only the three questions posed and responded to other students will count in the quality assessment.

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