Social media is changing not only the way we communicate, but the way we think. 1 answer below »

Academic Essay


Due date:21-Sep-2012

Return date:12-Oct-2012

Length:2000 words

Submission method options

EASTS (online) Hand delivery (option applies to Internal only) Alternative submission method


·“Social media is changing not only the way we communicate, but the way we think.” Do you agree?

Students must conduct all their research through the Holmesglen and/or CSU library catalogues. References are restricted to peer-reviewed journal articles, books (including e-books), newspaper articles accessed through a database. All references must have been published within the last six years.

The only exception to this research restriction is government websites. That is, sites that are managed by a government department or association with equivalent credentials. Blogs, e-zines, wikis and other such sites are not acceptable references for this assignment.

A minimum of 6 references is required. All references must use APA 6thEdition.


This assignment will allow you to: be able to explain the fundamental concepts of the communication process; be able to practise, develop and refine written language skills soas to beable to write clearly, correctly and concisely; be able to critically assess the main issues associated with ethical communication; be able to select appropriate technologies available for business and social media.

Marking criteria

·Content and research quality

·Correct in-text citations

·Proofreading and formatting



Please read "Presentation" under "Assessment Information" in this subject outline.


Submit the entireassignment as one document andin turnitinwebsite.

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