Slide Presentation

Slide Presentation
Slide Presentation must be submitted within a Word document containing embedded “Print-Outs” of your slides … do NOT submit a PowerPoint file.
Your presentation will be based on your Week #7 report on your Brand’s new & up-dated IMC, and it should include 6-12 slides, and you must include brief ‘linking text’ between each slide to guide the reader through the presentation (‘Linking text’ simply means include brief explanatory verbiage between slides which the reader will see as offering logical continuity to the slide presentation. The explanatory verbiage would be your own thoughts and words which connect each slide in a coherent sequence…we’re not talking about adding hyperlinks).
A professional slide presentation in marketing should be based on high-quality focused and succinct content, and your slides should be clear & compelling – it is important to engage your audience and convey all of the important points that you have developed in your written report. Remember to include illustrative graphics and/or artwork on each slide, and again, you should have brief ‘linking text’ between each slide … this will assist the viewer in understanding the logic of your slide transitioning – this is what your audience will want to see.

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