Revision Assignment

Revision Assignment

Rashid Alkatheeri

Professor Antonio Guerrero

English 161 SP19


Dreier, H. (2018). The Disappeared. Retrieved from

The article talks about discrimination against Latino community, a minority in the United States of America. According to Dreier (2018), several disappearances have occurred in Long Island. In particular, 11 deaths occurred in the region between 2016 and 2017. The most worrying and shocking incidence was the death of Miguel, a high student in a nearby school. Miguel’s mother, Carlotta was aware of the situation at Long Island, and she always took good care of her son until he became big enough to take care of himself. Miguel was brought up by a single mother after the untimely death of his Dad. In many cases, his mother made attempts to prevent him from socializing with peers who she believed would influence him to start smoking marijuana. She made sure that he meets his friends in a school or play a video game at his neighbor’s home.

The main issue addressed in the article is the disparity between that Latino community and the Americans. A street gang by the name MS-13 was responsible for the deaths and disappearances of people of Latino origin in the Island. The author states that Miguel was the first 11 high schoolers to go missing in a single Long Island County. The promise of smoking attracted the students who disappeared in the forest dulls in the woods. The Sullfork County Police were reluctant to make effective measures to ensure that the disappearance of Latino people comes to an end. In a nutshell, the article talks about the disparity between the Americans and Latino. The members of the gang who killed Miguel were Americans. The police failed to investigate Miguel’s death because he was not America. Therefore, the article is essential since it addresses the topic “disparity” directly.

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