Public Mental Health

Public Mental Health

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Lab 5: Stakeholder Advocacy for a Current Health Policy Issue

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Identify no more than 6 major stakeholders. Write the name specific organizations, agencies, associations as stakeholders, not vague or general human groupings (e.g. not “malaria patients” but an actual Association that promoted child health). Remember that legislators, council members and such are the actual policy makers, not the stakeholders per se. Stakeholders must have an actual or potential interest in the policy/issue and an identifiable position on the issue. This can often be discerned from their websites and from news articles. The actual position may currently be in favor, against or even uncommitted.

Fill out the three charts below to complete your blog proposal. Note that your topic may focus on adopting a new policy, repealing an existing policy or pressing for adequate funding and implementation of an existing policy.


Topic: Mental Break-Down: Public Mental Health is Human Right, A Policy towards Re-Opening the Community Psychiatric Units in Illinois, Chicago

a. Specific Country, State, Local Government concerned

United States, Illinois, Chicago

b. Nature of the policy issue in detail

The aim is to develop an effective public policy towards mental illness as a public health response towards the decreasing community psychiatric clinics in Chicago. There is a growing rate of gun violence in the city of Chicago. Most of the cases have been associated with mental illness which has consequently affected neighborhoods, churches, schools, and families. The state had twelve community psychiatric clinics in 2011, and as per October 2018, it only had five of them. Several clinics have been shut down over the years including the recent closure of a non-profit community institution called Saint Anthony Hospital. The facility is located on the border between the African-American and Latino communities. The hospital further offers culturally sensitive healthcare to both communities and in most assures free mental health services to the individuals who and uninsured. Despite the increasing rates of mental cases, there has been an intentional disregard for investing in psychiatric care in Chicago.

c. Your/your group’s position on the issue

The group’s position in the issue is to advocate for St Anthony Hospital to be re-opened as well as the establishment of more mental clinics in Illinois, Chicago.




Involvement, interest and importance of group concerning the policy issue

Position on the Issue(for, against, uncommitted)

  1. National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

· The stakeholder will offer educational programs and support groups to advocate for the affected persons to obtain mental health services as they deserve and on time.

· The organization will also offer training and classes for individuals living with mental illness, together with their families and communities.

A national-level stakeholder that supports the issue we are advocating for through Public Act 99-0761 which requires all health insurance providers to take clinical issues into consideration before imposing requirements on policy holders.

  1. Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA)

· The stakeholder will focus on creating an environment that understands the management and effect of mental illness. Such will be achieved through their provision of up-to-date, scientifically-based tools.

A national-level stakeholder that support the issue we are advocating for under the Mental Health Parity and Addition Equity Act , by providing the latest treatment and management tools for persons with mental illnesses within the city.

  1. Mental health America of Illinois

· The organization will support and develop key policy positions by working with state agencies, legislators and other non-profit groups.

· The organization’s interest will be to increase access to science-based information on mental health by the public through partnering with state and national organizations.

· The non-profit organizations will also conduct community educational workshops that promote mental wellness and raise funds for continual advocating on behalf of the mental illness patients.

A national-level stakeholder that supports the issue we are advocating for by improving the policies

  1. The Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law

· The national legal-advocacy organization will coordinate with the federal policy advocacy to ensure that persons with mental disabilities to be protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

· The organization will also ensure that the patients get resources such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income for them to thrive in the community.

A national-level stakeholder that supports the issues we are advocating for by representing people with mental disability in Chicago

  1. Community mental health workers

· To assist with the daily undertakings and therapeutic care among people with mental illness. The mental health workers will also assist in monitoring the patients’ conditions.

Local stakeholders who support the issue we are advocating for by assisting in monitoring the patients’ mental conditions, patients who were dismissed after the closure of the hospital

  1. Psychiatric doctors within Illinois

· The role of the physicians will include gathering mental health data mainly in the southwest region of the city whereby treatment options are limited for uninsured and low-income residents.

· They will also advocate for the reopening of the closed hospitals as well as the opening of new mental facilities.

Community-level Stakeholders who support the issue being advocated for by providing free treatment for uninsured and low-income residents




Brief Description

This Is What Happens When a City Shuts Down Mental Health Clinics

Describes the need for having an effective public policy towards mental illnesses in Chicago

Bazelon Center for Mental Health


Defines the primary roles of the organization in criminal justice reform and access to mental health services to persons with mental illness.

Mental Health America Illinois

What We Do

Describes the primary roles of the organization

NAMI Chicago


Represents the leading roles and interests of the advocacy group

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance


Provides materials that will help people with diagnoses to mood disorders as well as their management and treatment options

Reminder: Once your proposal has been approved we will use the WordPress Account information you provided above to invite you to be an author. Please note that if you are working in a group, ALL members must have their own WordPress account in order to make comments on other people’s blogs.

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