Provide as many quantitative data and qualitative analysis as possible.

Find a business that has had recent supply chain successes or failures. Provide an in-depth company profile, then report on two situations providing details about what happened, what the company’s reaction was, and the resulting impacts. Provide as many quantitative data and qualitative analysis as possible. For each situation you discuss, you must also provide an assessment of their actions and recommendations for improvements with substantiation from course material and credible outside resources. Concluding your project, you must end with three in-depth questions that you would ask the company’s Vice President of Supply Chain Management as if you were interviewing for the position of Director of Supply Chain Operations. Questions must be insightful and specifically related to your company under study – use background information and data from your sources. Finally, for each of your questions, provide a brief statement of what you may expect the answer to be. Project work will be graded on a number of criteria, including conformance to prescribed content and format, grammar, readability, and the use of technical notations and diagrams as necessary. You must produce a report of between 5 – 8 pages, 12-point font, double-spaced, and APA guidelines should be strictly followed. See rubric for details of assessment.

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