Project Requirement and Work Structure

Project Requirement and Work Structure

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The company campus requires a new VoIP phone system. As the IT manager has the deployment of the project duties have been assigned. Workstations have been set up which are about 20-50 in numbers. They will be managed in three buildings and coordinated to achieve the set goal. The timeline for the project completion is 90 days which will begin in November 1st. This paper will look into project requirements summary and definition of work breakdown structure. The paper will also discuss approach used in construction of such a structure.

Summary of project requirements

Estimated Budget

The department has estimated and issued the project 30,000dolllars. This is expected to cater for the all the essential materials and processes. These will include equipment, requires software and installation costs (Chrysoulakis, Heldens, Gastellu, Grimmond, Feigenwinter, Lindberg, & Olofson, 2015). The required licensing acquisition for the entire operation is also accounted for in this budget. This is not static as if any extra services will be procured such as outsourcing services, a new budget will be put in place and presented to the company Chief Executive Officer for approval.

Human Resource

For the successful deployment of the project various stakeholders will work closely in implementing and monitoring each step. They will be expected to work with the provided budget and stipulated deadline to achieve the set goals. They will include Company CEO, IT Manager, Chief Officer in the finance department, Network Engineer and Chief Officer in the Information Department. The point to point approach will be most convenient for this project. This will allow flow consistent close monitoring of the project throughout the process. When necessary outsourcing from other companies will be applied. This will allow for the provision of best input at the lowest possible costs.


This will consist of all the necessary input for the putting up and running of the VoIP system. This will include duties in setting up, and running of the system. The maintenance of the system will also be part of the workload. This will ensure that the system is continuously reliable for the company. The concerned human resource will carry out their individual workload to allow facilitate the achievement of project goals.

Environmental dependencies

Environment plays a crucial part in the success of a project. For instance, VoIP consist of servers’ phone and network system. This exists in the environment in which the business operates. There is a need for the maintenance of strict rules in the voice qualities and network tariffs in terms of jitter, lost packets, and latency.

Definition of work breakdown structure

A work breakdown structure refers to the organization of expected takes to be achieved by a team into manageable sections (Heagney, 2016). This sections can easily be understood by the team players and it is more specific and detailed. The breakdown occurs in a hierarchical structure for easier understanding of the task ahead.

Methodology Behind construction of a work breakdown structure.

Work breakdown structure creation is a process with various steps to be followed. Essential inputs include the project scope statement, management plan of the project and assets for the organizational process. The tools that an incorporated with these structures are guided by PMBOK provisions. They include Decomposition and Templates (Rasool, Franck, Denys, & Halidou, 2012). The expected outputs are work breakdown structure, a dictionary on WBS, baseline scope, project updates management plans on the project, and changes expected as per the PMBOK guide. The entire process will ensure that the expected project will be effectively realized.


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