Primary Post and Peer Response

Art Primary post 2/11/19

Primary Post Prompt: It is time to be a screenwriter again. Compose a conversation between the emperor, senator, city planner, and sculptor regarding the design for a new Roman colony. Some things to consider are the role of propaganda both in terms of the buildings and the sculptural statements, the layout of a typical Roman city, and the administrative centers that it must include as a Roman city. Remember to include as many specific terms as possible like architectural vocabulary (basilica, fenestrated groin vault, revetments for concrete, etc.) and art-specific vocabulary (high and low [bas] relief sculpture, sculpture in the round, verism, contrapposto, the four styles of Roman frescos, etc.)
Response Post Prompt: Compose a critique of the conversation as the historical consultant for this project (film, documentary, or network series).

Remember to include in-text citation and that at least two response posts are required for this assignment.

Art Voice Thread 5 Figures: (Picture) 10/11/19

CH 3 Online text book 

BIO HW: Primary Post and Peer Response


This week we are covering simple inheritance. You will discuss the article Mendelian Genetics: Patterns of Inheritance and Single-Gene Disorders (Links to an external site.) by Heidi Chial. She explains that some human diseases that follow a pattern of inheritance that follows Mendels monozygotic genetics are known as single gene disorders.

How would you best explain a single gene disorder? Can you find other single gene disorders not mentioned in the article? This discussion is also related to the Genetics in Practice case studies at the beginning and end of each chapter. Although there are plenty of ‘single gene’ phenotypes in humans, they may not really be determined by just one gene. So, in your discussion, include information you gain from browsing the Myth of Human Genetics (Links to an external site.) site discussing textbook examples of supposed single gene heredity of non-disease traits (physical appearance and behavior).

Peer Response:


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