Physiology (Just respond to Questions)

Physiology (Just respond to Questions)


Describe the difference between a single twitch and a sustained contraction. How are



contractions generated?



Describe the


tension relationship of muscle?

What does this mean in practical




Describe the force

velocity relationship of muscle? Give a practical example


  1. Explain the mechanism of action of the muscle spindle and the effect on muscle

tension development.

Give an example of an action that would stimulate the muscle


  1. Explain the mechanism of action of the Golgi tendon organ and the effect on muscle

tension development.

6-Give an example of an action that would stimulate the Give an

example of an action that would stimulate the muscle spindle.

1.Describe the structure of a skeletal muscle including muscle fiber, myofibril, sarcomere, sarcolemma, transverse tubules, and sarcoplasmic reticulum.

2.Draw and label a sarcomere and describe the function of the various proteins making up its structure in the sliding filament theory of muscle contraction.

3.Describe the events that lead to a muscle contraction starting from an action potential in a motor neuron through the relaxation of the muscle.

4.Contrast tension development due to variations in the frequency of stimulation, recruitment

of motor units, and the initial length of the muscle.

  1. Differentiate between static and dynamic contractions; between eccentric and concentric contractions.

6.Characterize the different muscle fiber types in terms of speed of contraction, force production, and endurance; relate the physiological and biochemical properties of each fiber

type to those properties. Also describe the procedures for determining musc

le fiber type

7.Describe the changes in the different fiber types due to strength and endurance training.

  1. Describe the percentage of slow and fast twitch fibers in various populations and the degree

to which this can be changed by training.

9.Discuss the processes leading to voluntary movement in the brain.

  1. Describe the sensory input from skeletal muscle to the

CNS via proprioceptors and chemoreceptors.

  1. Describe structure of a muscle spindle and Golgi tendon organ

and the function of bothin regulating muscle tension


  1. Explain the potential central causes for muscle fatigue. What is the Central Governor theory?
  2. Describe the neural and mechanical mechanisms for muscle fatigue, including Ca+2, H, and free radicals.

Explain how muscle fiber type recruitment with increasing intensity exercise

can cause fatigue.

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