Part 1: Communicating a Problem This topic is designed to help you consider

Part 1: Communicating a Problem
This topic is designed to help you consider a problem in your workplace or community and to design strategies in communicating about it. 
Please think of an example of a problem or situation in your workplace or your community. Then answer the following four questions with regard to that problem or situation. 
· What is the problem or situation?
· What are some possible communication strategies in notifying someone about the problem?
· What is the best course of action to take in solving the problem?
· What is the best way to communicate this problem to the relevant individuals?
Part 2: Communication Barriers & Inhibitors
This topic is designed to help you start thinking about the Communication Inhibitors Report. It includes four very helpful readings about communication barriers/inhibitors.
This week, one of your reading materials is titled, “Oral Versus Written Communication.” This reading material lists the eight essential elements of communication:  
· Source
· Receiver
· Message
· Channel
· Feedback
· Environment
· Context
· Interference
In addition, access and read these three articles about communication inhibitors.
· MSG Team, “Communication Barriers”
· Pandita, “Physical Barriers in Communication”
· Jain, “The Barriers to Effective Communication”
Finally, download and read the instructions for your first writing assignment, “WA1 Communciation Barriers & Inhibitors.” 
After you have read “Oral Versus Written Communication,” read the three articles on communication barriers, and reviewed the instructions for writing assignment #1, complete the following tasks:
· Decide which communication barrier(s) you believe are most powerfully affecting your communication process in the workplace or community scenario that you are considering for your assignment;
· Write a paragraph or two in which you explain how and why you think these barriers are the main culprits negatively affecting successful communication.
· Offer at least one classmate feedback on his/her post noting similarities or differences that you find interesting compared to the situation you described in your own post.

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This topic is designed to help you consider appeared first on Lion Essays.

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