Nursing Theory

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Approximately 12 page paper with references in APA format, 3,837 words.
This paper is for MSN 834 (Nursing Theory in Practice) part of the
Master’s of Science in Nursing program. Abstract:
…there are many venues from hospitals to clinics healthcare can be
sought, the ultimate goal is achieving health. Orem’s self-care deficit
appears to work well from the emergency department through inpatient
stays. ….Peplau’s interpersonal relations theory provides more of a
system of treatment and relationship building. By following this model, a
working relationship with quality communication facilitates guidance
through specific stages toward a goal set by nurse and patient
collaboration. Using this goal makes the most of the primary care
setting and facilitates an ongoing relationship where both the patient
and nurse can grow from the combined experience. The purpose of this
paper is to apply both theories to applicable settings, as well as
expand ideas in utilizing Peplau’s theory…


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