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Define and identify the role ofcommunication strategies for Social Health and/or issues PR campaigns. Briefly, consider the critical ethical implications for PR communicators when implementing these types of campaigns.

Some advice:

Develop a Focus:These are broad topics, and you will need to identify a morespecific focusfor your literature review. For example, you might decide to focus on a certain industry or types of communication. The focus should beclearly relevant to management communication. You must also refer to aminimumof6research-based,academicsourcesthat you have located from the library, articles, book chapters or the academic databases.

Target your Communications:Make sure that your academicreferences relate toMCOMi.e.have communication in the journal, title or aim/focus. This is a communication technique – you are trying to orient your lit review towards the reader's interests/area/perspectives.

Support & Validate your Points:A lit review requires supporting evidence e.g. references, examples from other studies, statistics, quotes from academic sources etc.

Appropriate Formatting:Please ensure that you include a cover page for your literature review, which includes your name, a title and an accurate word count. Theword count(excluding the reference list and cover page)is 1000 words min – 1250 words max

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