Identify the key learning points in the read and analyze assigned activity.

Business Process Management.

Case study regarding the course Business Process Management. Attached are both the article and the required questions to be answered regarding the case.


Provide a summary in your own words on the article you requested to read and analyze in the following space.


Identify the key learning points in the read and analyze assigned activity.


While you reading, identify the relevant statements to the session and insert them in order in the following space.


This is the most important section in your analysis. To complete it sucessfully, learner is to consider the following guiding steps:
? Present arguments coherently, supported by evidence and facts to substantiate on why you may take a particular stance and/ or position towards a particular

approach whether against or in support of it;
? Capable of bridging the gap between the theory and conceptual work with the application under consideration.


How could you apply the subject matter from the article in a real business case?


What have you learnt? Critical thinking is about lessons learnt to be drawn from the analysis.

Experiences of implementing
process management:
a multiple-case study
Klara Palmberg
Lulea° University of Technology, Lulea° , Sweden
Purpose – Process management is becoming an essential part of contemporary organizations in
all industries. However, many organizations experience problems during the implementation of
a process management approach. The purpose of this paper is to explore and describe the
organizational implications when implementing process management, how to handle the relationship
between the functional organization and a process perspective, and the roles of managers, teams, and
Design/methodology/approach – A multiple-case study approach is used to get an extensive
picture of and analyze how three Swedish organizations have worked with process management.
Findings – The studied organizations have introduced a process management structure into their
functional organizational structure, including the introduction of new management positions such as
process owners and process leaders. A discourse is identified in earlier research between those arguing
for a full transformation from a functionally oriented to a fully process-oriented organizational
structure, and those promoting a more moderate transformation where a process management
structure is “matrixed onto” the existing organization. The analysis could be interpreted as supporting
the second line of reasoning, where the functional and process structures co-exist in the organization,
creating a constructive dynamic.
Originality/value – The paper provides two major contributions. First, the empirical descriptions
and analysis of implementing process management contribute to the knowledge and understanding
among both practitioners and researchers. The second major contribution is the identified need of
co-existence of a process and functional perspective, and the implication that complexity is created
rather than reduced in organizations.
Keywords Process management, Business process re-engineering, Organizational structures, Sweden
Paper type Case study
1. Introduction
Processes and process management are becoming an essential part of contemporary
organizations in all industries. Quality management, Six Sigma and Lean all build on
components of working with and improving organizational processes (Andersson et al.,
2006; Dahlgaard and Dahlgaard-Park, 2006). The new ISO 9001:2008 standard is
placing considerable emphasis on processes (ISO, 2009), and process management is a
significant part of most excellence models, such as the Malcolm Balridge National
Quality Award (NIST, 2009) and the EFQM Excellence Model (EFQM, 2009). When
exploring if Six Sigma and Lean are new methods, or if they are repackaged versions
of previously popular methods – total quality management and just-in-time – Na¨slund
(2008) emphasises the importance of placing organizational change and improvement
methods in general under a process management umbrella.
Zairi (1997) stated, based on a literature review, that the word “process” had become
a part of everyday business language. Hammer and Stanton (1999) argued, on the basis
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