How will you enhance the use the data on the company’s database for your communication strategy

Select any direct marketing campaign/s by an organisation of your choice. Critically evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign using relevant theories and models. Give recommendations of how

Assignment assessment criteria:
You are required to produce an academic piece of work consistent with your module’s learning outcome. Therefore it is important to support your assertions and arguments (where possible) with appropriate concepts and frameworks from academic literature within the field of relationship and direct marketing. Evidence of broader reading from the marketing domain and its appropriate links to the coursework, originality and lateral thinking (particularly in customer profiling and creative ideas) will be rewarded.

The marketing strategy (25%)

?    Situation analysis of the company
?    A statement of clear and quantified objectives
?    Your strategy (closely married to your objectives) to increase both acquisition and retention of customers over the next three years.

Direct marketing strategy (25%)

?    How will you enhance the use the data on the company’s database for your communication strategy
?    Analysis of data for accurate profiling and segmentation
?    Management of the company’s database
?    Compliance with data protection laws etc

Communication plans (25%)

Action plans and tactics must be clear solutions for the strategies you have set.

They should be closely linked to your communication objectives and include information on your target audiences choices, creative positioning, testing, marketing research and fulfilment.

Positioning and creative strategy (15%)

The creative ideas you use for your communications must fit with the positioning and current style of the chosen organisation. Moreover, you are not required to produce creative work, a simple brief to creative would be sufficient. Crucially, you will be assessed on whether your creative works with your chosen organisation, your chosen communication strategy and the chosen media vehicle.

Budgeting and evaluation (10%)

Full detailed budgeting covering the different elements of the campaign is required as well as the measurement of the success of your relationship and direct marketing plan.

Word limit is 2000-2500 words. Any coursework that exceeds the total word limit will be subject to a penalty as determined by the department. A total word count should be given. This normally excludes any tables, statistics and references.

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