examine the business of one stock market and determine which middleware solutions is best suited to meet its critical needs.


PowerPoint/Oral Presentation: New York Stock Exchange Requirements
In the business of buying and selling stocks, the speed and accuracy of sales transactions are mission-critical. Lost, or even slow, data exchanges can be disastrous for companies, individuals, buyers, and sellers. This requires that technical solutions for a market be up to that challenge. In this Application, you will examine the business of one stock market and determine which middleware solutions is best suited to meet its critical needs.
In this application, use the Walden Library and the Internet to research the business goals and operations of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
Create a PowerPoint Presentation that contains 6-10 slides with a narrative overlay. The overall slide show must be in the 6-10 minute range. The presentation must be engaging, organized, easy to understand, and include the following:
An introduction to the presentation.
A description of the business goals and operations of the NYSE.
The technical requirements that the NYSE must have in order to achieve its business goals.
A comparison of the three middleware technologies studied in this unit, examining the benefits and disadvantages of each.
An evaluation of which middleware technology would best meet the requirements of the NYSE.
Justification of your arguments with examples from your readings and research. Sources must be properly cited according to APA guidelines.
A summary of the presentation.
Use this rubric to estimate your grade on the assignment. Submit a copy of the completed form with your assignment.
Save a copy of this Application Assignment to your portfolio. Submit your assignment by Day 5.
To complete this application you must have Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or newer loaded on your computer. In addition, you must have a microphone to record your oral narrative to accompany the presentation.
Once the PowerPoint slides are complete, you have created a written copy of the narrative, and you have tested the narrative to be sure it is the proper overall length (time), you will embed the oral narrative into the file. To embed the narrative, complete the following steps.
Beginning with the first slide:
Select the Slide Show Tab – Record Narration – Set microphone level
Talk into your microphone to make sure it is working properly
Click OK – Begin your narrative for the first slide.
Advance to the next slide (left click) – Be sure you are done speaking before you left click.
Record the narrative for the second slide.
Continue advancing through the slides and recording your narrative.
After the last slide, you will be asked if you want to save the slide timings – select SAVE.
Now start your slideshow, the show will progress at the pace you set while creating the narrative for each slide.
If you need to redo the recording, simply go back to the first slide, select the Slide Show Tab and re-record your narrative or you may choose to re-record just one slide at a time.
REPEAT steps 1-8 until you are satisfied with the presentation and your slideshow is completed in 6-10 minutes.
Save the PowerPoint presentation with the embedded narrative.

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