Draw the ER diagram of the Heathy Habits case using Visio. Do not show attributes

Draw the ER diagram of the Heathy Habits case using Visio. Do not show attributes. Copy and paste the diagram in a Word document.
Translate the ER diagram into relations and add the primary and nonkey attributes. Submit the Word document (about 2-3 pages) in the Project 2 Blackboard assignment space.
Healthy Habits (HH) is a resort that conducts 28-day long cohort-style workshops that intend to build healthy habits in the area of exercise and diet. This case covers some aspects of the HH information system.
CHECK-IN (or Reservation)
A customer can make a reservation through the HH website. Data about customer includes Id, name, and address. As part of the reservation, a customer also needs to reserve one or more rooms. The rooms are fairly simple and other than the room number, the only data maintained is the size of the room. When a customer arrives, she is checked-in by a clerk (essentially reservation and check-in entities are the same). The customer is given a CheckIn number, which becomes the identification for data entries pertaining to various activities. The check in date/time is recorded. The check in is handled by a clerk. Data about clerk includes name, email, and contact numbers.
Diary entries are maintained by the customer for aerobic, weight training, sports, education, diet, and other areas. Maintaining aerobic and weight training diaries are key areas and are described below. The CheckIn number also acts as a login for aerobic and weight training session diaries.
An aerobic session, identified by a session number, consists of several aerobic exercises, each of which pertain to a selection from the standard aerobic exercise list. The standard aerobic exercise list includes various exercises such as different kinds of jogging (e.g., fast jogging, slow jogging), biking, and dancing. Each exercise is identified by an id and described by the description of the exercise. The start and end date/time for an aerobic session is recorded. An aerobic session is supervised by an instructor, who is identified by an id and described by name. For each exercise performed in a session, the customer enters perceptions about the intensity, tiredness, soreness, and other subjective data that can help in better customizing the program.
Each customer is expected to participate in daily weight training sessions, which are unsupervised. The start and end date/time of a weight training session are recorded. As in the case of the aerobic training, a weight training session is identified by a weight training session id. The session is divided into weight training activities. A weight-training activity, identified by an activity id and described by comment, pertains to one exercise but can pertain to more than one weight training machine. For example, a customer may conduct leg press exercises first by employing a Zoro machine and then by employing a Rogue machine. Each weight-training machine has a clearly marked code to ease the search process; in addition, a machine can be searched by name. The standard list of exercises is recorded. Each exercise is identified by an id and described by name.

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