Discuss the mode of entry (Joint Venture, Wholly owned subsidiary, license etc) for the venture

This project is a written International Investment Report and a Summary Presentation.  You, as an owner of a successful family hotel business in Florida, want to research a possible expansion of your business to India and start Beach Huts Motel business in GOA, India.

APA format, 12 pages, plus 4-5 Powerpoint slides. The paper must include, a 150-200 word abstract page, table of content, main elements including  introduction the body of the paper,  conclusions, and references on a reference page. The paper should include at least six academic references.

You must evaluate this industry and the country of investment to determine if the current circumstances in the specified country can support a business of your type. Country evaluation should focus on economic, financial and political risk of the country. Industry structure analysis would look at the regulatory structure as well as the competition in the target country. Issues such as privatization, identification of major competitors and overall strategy for entering the country should be discussed. Depending on industry, you should pick the right entry strategy. You must define the scenario.

The final recommendation would be whether or not to enter the specific country in the designated sector and what should be your entry strategy. The goal of the project is to analyze the prospects for expanding your company into the foreign country.

Main Elements

To gain the full support of management, your report should include, as a minimum, the following content:

1. Introduction:

Describe the basics of the proposal. Identify:

o Country basics (India)

o Company basics (Beach Huts Motel in GOA)

o Purpose of expansion and project specifications

2. Country Evaluation (India):
Describe the country of investment. Include the following:

o Economic structure, indicators and risk

o Financial structure, indicators and risk

o Political structure and risk

o Recent history which impacts current conditions and risks

o Geography, natural resources and existing industries that impacts current conditions and risks

o Overall risk indicators

3. Industry Evaluation (Hotel/motel):
Describe the industry in the country. Include the following:

o Regulatory structure

o Competition – Major and minor competitors

o Local financing options for the expansion

o Overall attractiveness of the industry

4. Entry Strategy

Discuss the mode of entry (Joint Venture, Wholly owned subsidiary, license etc) for the venture. Be sure to give:

· The mode of entry. Be as specific as possible.

· If appropriate, what relationships or partnerships will be built, with whom and why

· Reasons behind the choices

5. Recommendation
Summarize your findings and recommendation for future plans. Include a plan to visit the country. Identify travel objectives, key persons with which to meet, activities to experience (related to your industry), travel plans and cost estimate.

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