Describe what you consider to be the key elements of the external environment in which the organization operates

write a 7 pages essay. The essay should be double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1” margins. 

And the requirement is below:

Pick an organization that you have some personal experience with (i.e. as a volunteer or internship of a religious or non-profit).  It should NOT be a large corporation .  The point is to rely on PERSONAL experience for your analysis.

In 7-8 pages do the following:

1.      Describe the organization’s purpose and objectives (approximately 2 pages)

2.      Describe what you consider to be the key elements of the external environment in which the organization operates (approximately 1 page).

3.      Describe the management of the organization, in terms of at least three of the  major topic headings/chapter titles that we have been dealing with.  For example: motivation, leadership, control, structure, social responsibility, ethics, etc.. It is very important that in this section you DO NOT SIMPLY RESTATE THE CONCEPTS AS THEY APPEAR IN THE BOOK(the book is Robbins and Coulter’s Management)!  Draw on the book but ALSO ON DISCUSSIONS AND YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE AND OPINIONS to illustrate your points. (approximately 4-5 pages).

4.       Assume that you are a consultant asked to recommend two changes in the management of the organization.  What are your recommendations?  Be sure to  explain what effects you hope to accomplish with these changes and why you think your recommendations will result in these effects (approximately 1 page).

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