Demonstrate the concept of the manufacturing system

Demonstrate the concept of the manufacturing system

QEAD Rev:03 ver 01 9th July 2017 Template A 1


College of Engineering

Course Work

Name of the programme B.Eng (CAME/POM/COE/EIE/EPE/TE)

Name of Module with Code Industrial Studies (MHH624713)

Level/Semester & AY 4/Semester B & 2018-2019

Name of the Module


Mr Motilal Lakavat, Dr Haris Kadir Mohammed,

Dr.M Mutaz Mirza, Ms.Shetha Daniel, Dr.Priay Brat

Dwivedi, Dr.Syed Murtuza

Coursework Type Assignment

Assessment weightage 30%

Type and date of submission Online submission 16-05-2019

Ref# 71

Student Name 140150 Amani Mohammed Ali Al Ajmi

Aim To develop an understanding of overall concepts of various Industrial management functions.

Learning Outcomes On completion of this module, the student should be able to: 1. Describe the main decision areas of marketing,

marketing policy as applied to goods/products. 2. Analyze management accounts and appraise capital

investments. 3. Demonstrate the concept of the manufacturing system

and apply group technology philosophy in industry. 4. Describe the underlying principles of production planning

and control, and evaluate inventory costs. 5. Demonstrate the principles of forecasting and predict

customer demand. 6. Describe the principles of management and explain the

effective utilization of human resources. 7. Demonstrate the principles of industrial maintenance and

product reliability and apply Monte Carlo simulation technique to evaluate the performance of systems.

QEAD Rev:03 ver 01 9th July 2017 Template A 2



Section A (Theory – 45 Marks)

Q1. Present scenario of Oman market in the automobile industry, each student has to select

one product with a complete analysis of the local market and analyze the brands available

in the Oman market. Study any one product in detail and carry out the survey and provide

the answers for the following task;

(a) Critically evaluate the product mentioning all the details of it. (Name of the product,

specifications of the product, and manufacturers details etc.,) 7Marks

(Using your own sentences with 300 words approx.)

(b) Identify which brand of the product is the market leader in the Oman market and

discuss what market strategies made the brand as the market leader 8Marks

(Using your own sentences with 400 words approx.)

Q2. Discuss the Marketing Mix (4 Ps) being followed by the company in question 1 and how

it is effective in increasing sales. Identify the present stage of the product and discuss the

strategies for the company to implement in order to maintain the strength of the sales.

(Using your own sentences with 600 words approx.) 15Marks

Q3. Break-even analysis helps a manager to understand more clearly the nature of relevant

costs and their importance in managerial decision making, resulting in that the manager

is able to take more soundly decisions and is more confident about their eventual

outcome’. Explain its relevance to any manufacturing industry, supporting your answer

with an example.

(Using your own sentences with 600 words approx.) 15Marks


  1. Section – A task should be TURNITIN checked and a SIMILARITY INDEX REPORT

should be submitted along with the report by each student.

  1. Language skills and clarity in the contents with the technical knowledge are essential and

marking will be done accordingly.

  1. CCE Harvard reference should be followed in the report.
  2. Delay in the submission of the coursework will be considered under the late submission

of coursework policy.

QEAD Rev:03 ver 01 9th July 2017 Template A 3


Section B (Solving Problems – 55 Marks)

Q4. M/S Mobile Manufacture Company plans to produce a new version of mobile in the market.

The forecast demand sales of mobiles are 1,500 units per week over 48 working weeks in

a year. The company has two different proposals for the new project A and Project B. The

financial information details of the projects are given in Table Q4:

Description Project A Project B

Capital Investment (RO) 220000 420000

Selling Price per unit (RO) 6.100 7.800

Raw material cost (RO) 2.900 3.300

Time to produce one Unit (min) 15 20

Operator cost per week (RO) 150 180

Fixed Costs per year (RO) 90000 91000

Other Variable costs per unit (RO) 0.600 0.400

Scrap value (RO) 16000 7000

Cost of capital 13% 11%

Corporation Tax 25% 25%

Anticipated life of the project 8 8

Standard Working hours per week 40 40

Table Q4

(i) Using the information from the table Q4 and Discount Cash Flow criteria, calculate Net

Present Value (NPV), and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) each project. 24Marks

Marking Rubrics: Cash inflow – 2Marks (1mark each), Cash outflow – 2Marks

(1 mark each), Net Cash Flow – 2Marks (1mark each), Net Present

Value (NPV) – 6 Marks (3 Marks each), Internal Rate of Return

(IRR) – 12 Marks (6marks each).

(ii) Analyze the results of Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return from the

above answer and recommend which project is best for the company. 6Marks

QEAD Rev:03 ver 01 9th July 2017 Template A 4


Q5 M/S Al Mawela Company manufactures Sports Bike and supplies to the local market. A

local sub-contracting company manufactures and supplies wheels to the M/S Al Mawela

Company through a purchase contract. The sub-contracting company initially purchases

aluminium billets as raw material and manufactures wheels by forming each billet into

wheel rims. Both the rims (front and rear) are assembled with spokes, front and rear hubs.

Front wheels comprise a front rim, 18 spokes and a front hub. Rear wheels comprise a

rear rim, 24 spokes and a rear hub.

(i) Draw the Bill of Material (BOM) tree for the front and rear wheels. 3Marks

(ii) Complete the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and determine when to

Purchase Orders placed for the spokes. 22Marks

Week 14 15 16 17 18 19

Demand for the bikes

120 100 120 90 90 100

Demand of Front Rim

30 50 50 40 50 50

Demand of Rear Rim

60 70 70 80 60 70

Table Q5 (i)

Lead Time Stock on Hand Batch Size Safety Stock

Bike 1 190 80 0

Front wheel 1 150 120 100

Rear wheel 1 100 150 110

Front Rim 2 160 150 90

Front Hub 1 100 160 40

Rear Rim 2 180 110 100

Rear Hub 1 150 100 50

Spokes 1 10000 5000 1200

Table Q5 (ii)

Marking Rubrics: Bill of Material Tree – 3 Marks, Bike – 2Marks, Front Wheel – 2 Marks,

Front Rim – 3Marks, Front Hub – 2Marks, Rear Wheel – 2Marks, Rear Rim

  • 3Marks, Rear Hub – 2Marks and Spokes – 4 Marks.

QEAD Rev:03 ver 01 9th July 2017 Template A 5


Marking scheme

Component Description Weightage (%)

Knowledge and understanding of the topic

30% 30

Application and analysis of the topic (Module specific Skill)

35% 35

The structure in terms of logic and coherence

30% 30

The use of relevant work examples and/or examples gained from further reading

5% 5

Total 100

Please note all assignments shall subject to plagiarism software checks, “TURNITIN”.


  1. Plagiarism is a serious offence. In case of any plagiarism detected, the penalty will be

imposed leading to zero marks. Policy and guidelines for dealing with plagiarism and

malpractice in the examination can be viewed by clicking:
  1. The course work shall be subject to plagiarism software check.
  2. Course work should be submitted on time. College guidelines on late submission of

coursework can be viewed by clicking:
  1. Course work should be submitted with an appropriate cover page, which can be obtained

from the departmental assistant at the department.

  1. Name, student identification and title of the course work to be written clearly and legibly

on the cover page.

  1. The completed course work is to be submitted to the departmental assistant on or before

the deadline and record your name, date of submission and signature in the book with the

departmental assistant.


Harvard Referencing (CCE Style) First Edition 2013 should be followed for both in-text and listing

references. This downloadable document can be found in our CCE portal at

Name and Signature of Module leader

Mr Motilal Lakavat Date:20/01/2019

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