conduct a close analysis and observation of a specific sub-culture.

in an essay of at least 1,500 words, please conduct a close analysis and observation of a specific sub-culture. The sub-culture you choose mustbe specific to ensure that you can sucessfully accomplish the essay. This means avoid things like “Americans” or even “people from Arizona.” Think of clubs you or your friends belong to, subcultures on campus, online/internet cultures, hobbies, religious groups, etc. 

Once you choose a sub-culture, choose a specific focus for the essay. You could choose to write a narrative that discusses your journey of discovery while observing this culture, you could write a day-in-the-life type essay, you could examine how the subculture sees itself and others, or you could come up with a question that drives the focus of your research/observations and leads to a thesis. 

You MUST complete fieldwork for this assignment. Because the assignment will be due fairly soon, be sure to choose a culture you have easy access to. 

You will be utilizing both your primary observations and fieldwork as well as background information and statistics. This means you will have to do some outside research. 

You will need to include the following: background information on the culture, a rationale for why this group constitutes a distinct culture, a clear focus (thesis statement), logical organization, LOTS of details (subjective description and sensory detail are your friends here), the inclusion of primary research from your observations, interviews (qualitative research) and at least 1 secondary source to help you with background information, statistics, etc. 

i need a draft after 3 hours of at least 400 words 


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