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APA Paper

You will write one APA-style research papers. You are encouraged to visit the Florida State College at Jacksonville library, other reference books, or Internet sites for more information on writing style.There are also several helpful hints at the APA button on our Blackboard site.The paper will use proper references such as or other sites as seen on the Florida State College at Jacksonville library page. Please note, research papers are not written in first person and do not use Wikipedia or the dictionary as reference. Please follow the information at the APA links button on Blackboard.DO NOT GUESS AT FORMAT! Papers are worth 75 points, and the Rubric is posted under the “Rubric” button on our Blackboard site.

Business Communication Trend – Your paper is a seven to ten page APA-style paper relating to some aspect of business communication trends. The choice is yours, texting in the workplace, email etiquette, paperless companies, etc.This paper will have a cover page, including running head, short title, page numbers, and title block. The paper will also contain an abstract of a maximum of 120 words, properly cited references, and a final reflection page mentioned above. Please keep in mind the cover page, abstract page and reference pages are indeed numbered but DO NOT count as part of the seven-to-ten-page paper.

Reflection Paper

Each paper will also include a one-page written reflection that will be clipped to the final page of your research paper. This reflection should tell me (in your own words) what the research meant to you and how you will use it in your own careers or how you would expect to use it in a new career.The reflection is worth 25 additional points and is required for both papers.

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