Assignment Revision-Article writing homework task

Assignment Revision-Article writing homework task

You have the rest of class to complete the following activities related to proofreading and editing–a writing practice that has implications for your ethos as a writer. This practice can also help you hone your individual style in your process of writing. First, we will practice editing together with the sample sentences below. Then, you will review your analysis in Project 1 focusing on the local, or sentence, level. You will also reflect on your work in Project 1, in preparation for turning in your final draft.

A well-written sentence can have a powerful impact on the audience. You want strong sentences with clear subjects and active verbs, and you want to choose your words carefully and sparingly.


Practice editing the following sentences with issues of grammar and concision in mind. Can you get the sentence down to the suggested word count, or lower, without sacrificing any meaning from the original sentence? First, try editing on your own. Then, you will share your edits with a group and come to a consensus on the best possible version of each sentence. Finally, you will post all your sentences to Canvas, highlighting the best sentence for each.

It was found in the study that it turned out that problems were existing in the health care system, the authors were arguing how the patients were being overprescribed opiates by their doctors due to the fact that people, are afraid to be feeling any kind of pain. (48 words to 23 words)

The image of a sad, dog shaking in the cold rain, appeals to our sense of compassion and to our capacity to feel the pain that other people feel. (29 words to 23 words)

This is how King communicates exigence. It is in his repetition of the phrase “Now is the time (1)” during his speech. (22 words to 13 words)


Now, you will take this same critical eye to your own project, looking at each sentence to see how it might be improved. For at least 10 sentences in your project, use track changes to record the changes you’ve made. I want to see the changes in your draft! Which sentences would benefit from editing to be more succinct and clear? Find them and edit them.

In addition to editing at least 10 of your sentences, you should also do the following in your project’s final draft:

Highlight the main claim in your analysis, where you explain the significance of the text and the contributions of your analysis to our understanding of the power of language.

Write 1 alternate title for your project under your current title, one that emphasizes your claim and the significance of the analysis, and then highlight the title you like best: your original or your alternate.


After you have completed the editing outlined above, please reflect on your learning experiences during this project, responding to the following questions in a writer’s memo. I am your audience for this memo, so be as specific as possible in explaining your experiences, and also include the standard headings used in the “memo” genre: To, From, Date, Regarding.

What did you do well? What are you proud of?

What challenges did you face during the process of writing your analysis, and how did you try to overcome those challenges?

What are you still not satisfied with in your analysis? What would you change if you had more time?

What did you learn about writing, rhetoric, and the power of language from completing this project?

Your memo will serve as the cover page for your final draft. Once you have completed all of the work above (the required edits and the memo), submit your final draft under the Project 1 assignment.

focus on timing and urgency, and my conclusion should be strong.

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