Activity: Reflecting on Coaching By seeking to leverage the personal attributes and resources of a c

Activity:  Reflecting on Coaching
By seeking to leverage the personal attributes and resources of a client, an executive coach can develop and enhance additional competencies which often are prerequisites to advancement within an organization, as well as the success to the organization as a whole. Executive coaches can assist their client in honing qualifications by providing feedback through guided experiences that seek to heighten:
(a) effective communication skills,
(b) cross-cultural understanding,
(c) empathetic human dynamics,
(d) thoughtful relationship management, and
(e) reflection.

As the most effective leaders value the importance of continued self-improvement, a coach seeks to focus a client’s individual energies to obtain a clear vision and plan to achieve specific growth goals. 

Assignment Preparation 
1. Before completing the assigned readings, make note of what you believe the purpose of a coach to be.
2. Read the Introduction and Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4: Coaching: Evoking excellence in others
3. Read the Introduction and Chapter 18: The psychology of executive coaching: Theory and application
4. Read the article by Newsom & Dent (2010).

Main Task: Reflect on Coaching 
Write a paper to describe your view of the purpose of a coach. Begin with your thoughts before you completed the assigned readings. After reading the sources listed in the Assignment Preparation, record your enhanced views on the purpose of coaching. Compare and contrast your initial views with those now. Also, explain why experts and authors on coaching emphasize relationships as being a foundation for coaches if they are to evoke excellence in others.

Length: 6 pages, including a minimum of 5 resources.

Additional Information:  
•    Where appropriate and possible, please include the page numbers in the bibliography.
•    Please do not use Wikipedia as your source of information.
•    The text cited in the bibliography should not be older than 5 years.
The paper should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. 
Desired Style:  APA (6th edition)
Spacing:  Double Spaced ……. …..

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