You must conduct a literature review of 5 current peer reviewed journal articles that provide a… 1 answer below »

You must conduct a literature review of 5 current peer reviewed journal articles that provide a range of views about the diagnostic model you have selected. The focus is not so much on description but analysis and evaluation of the range of views presented in the literature reviewed. Analysis involves dissecting the information presented in order to assess the purpose, the main points, and the findings or conclusions of the article and then comparing and contrasting it to others in the review. Evaluation involves making judgments about the value (both positive and negative) of the research on the specific topic area.

a) critically examine assumptions and propositions of the literature relevant to the diagnostic model selected;
b) present an evidence-based discussion of your findings that is grounded in relevant academic and professional literature. All information sources must be correctly cited and presented in a reference list at the end of the essay.

Task 2 – Case Study

Length: 3,500 Words.

Format: Microsoft Word.

Select one Organization:

2. Express Link
3. Swan Care
4. W.A. Police Communications

Apply the diagnostic model you have conducted the literature review on, to evaluate the areas that need attention.

a) apply the elements of the model to the case study;
b) evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each aspect;
c) present a summary of your findings – is the model useful in diagnosing the organization? What are the main areas of weakness that could be addressed with targeted OD interventions?


The use of a diagnostic tool or method enables you to determine what is wrong with the organization (gathering information and testing to find what ails the organization, department, or work unit), so that your treatment (intervention) is the most appropriate.
Diagnostic models provide a systematic “checklist” of issues from different organizational angles. This can help determine least obvious causes of problems, or the full range of issues that should be tackled.

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