Real-World Ethical Dilemmas Part 1: Real-World Ethical Dilemmas Real-World Ethical Dilemmas Many…

Real-World Ethical Dilemmas

Part 1: Real-World Ethical DilemmasReal-World Ethical Dilemmas

Many state and local bar associations consider ethics questions quite often. For an example, go to the New York City Bar website:    and skim a few committee reports. Pick one and answer the following questions:
What was the ethical issue addressed?How was this issue resolved?Do you agree with this resolution? Why or why not?Part 2: Role of the Law Firm

What role does ethics play in a law firm? Why is it so important?How does the role of ethics in a law firm compare to other businesses?

Post your responses to the Discussion Board and respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. Make sure to give the title of the committee report that you chose to review.



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