Message Strategies: Employment Messages (Letters of Resignation) [LO-5] Leaving a job is rarely…

Message Strategies: Employment Messages (Letters of Resignation) [LO-5] Leaving a job is rarely stress free, but it’s particularly diffi cult when you are parting ways with a mentor who played an important role in advancing your career. A halfdozen years into your career, you have benefi ted greatly from the advice, encouragement, and professional connections off ered by your mentor, who also happens to be your current boss. She seemed to believe in your potential from the very beginning and went out of her way on numerous occasions to help you. You returned the favor by becoming a stellar employee who has made important contributions to the success of the department your boss leads. Unfortunately, you fi nd yourself at a career impasse. You believe you are ready to move into a management position, but your company is not growing enough to create many opportunities. Worse yet, you joined the fi rm during a period of rapid expansion, so there are many eager and qualifi ed internal candidates at your career level interested in the few managerial jobs that do become available. You fear it may be years before you get the chance to move up in the company. Through your online networking activities, you found an opportunity with a firm in another industry and have decided to pursue it.

 Your task: You have a close relationship with your boss, so you will announce your intention to leave the company in a private, one-on-one conversation. However, you also recognize the need to write a formal letter of resignation, which you will hand to your boss during this meeting. Th is letter is addressed to your boss, but as formal business correspondence that will become part of your personnel fi le, it should not be a “personal” letter. Making up whatever details you need, write a brief letter of resignation.

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