Many companies today are concerned with social responsibility. They may pursue philanthropic…

Many companies today are concerned with social responsibility. They may pursue philanthropic activities and/or strive to be ethical. Your goal for this assignment is to evaluate how firms are being socially responsible. Limit your answers to one page and provide a printout of the Web site you visited. Activities

1. Choose a company and find that company’s Web site on the Internet. Once you get to the Web site, look for information that tells you about the firm’s efforts to be socially responsible. Look for things like news releases, company information, information about community programs, etc. Look in your textbook and your notes to help you define what might be considered socially responsible activities. Describe what you find and explain why you think the company is involved with the activities you describe.

2. Do the activities described on the Web site seem consistent with the company’s products? Why or why not? (For example, a shoe company may sponsor a race that raises money to help prevent a disease. People who participate in the race may use that company’s running shoes and therefore the race would be consistent with the company’s products.)

3. Evaluate how effective you think the information you find is in terms of how it is presented, what impact it might have and whether it will help to sell the company’s products. Be sure to support any claims you make.

4. Does the information you collected during this activity improve your evaluation of the company? Would it influence your decision to buy the company’s product? Why or why not?

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