Job Structure Case study reading attachedjob_evaluation_at_whole_foods Case Study: Prepare a Job…

Job Structure

Case study reading attachedjob_evaluation_at_whole_foods

Case Study: Prepare a Job Structure

Read the “Job Evaluation at Whole Foods” Case Study. The Whole Foods Market has completed a job analysis and written job descriptions for Job A thorough Job I.

Respond to the following.

Evaluation of Jobs and Job Structure

Evaluate the jobs listed in the Case Study and prepare a job structure based on its evaluation. Assign titles to jobs, and show your structure by title and job letter.
Process, Techniques, and Factors

Describe the process you went through to arrive at that job structure. The job evaluation techjob_evaluation_at_whole_foodsniques and compensable factors used should be described, and the reasons for selecting them should be stated.techjob_evaluation_at_whole_foods

evaluation of Job Descriptions

Evaluate the job descriptions. What parts of them were most useful? How could they be improved?
You will need to follow APA style and format and have a title page, brief introduction and conclusion, centered headings for major parts, page numbering and page headers, and a reference page. The Case Study should be approximately 4–6 pages in length.

The assignment will be reviewed using the following criteria.


Possible Points

Earned Points


Evaluation of Jobs and Job structure

Assigned titles to jobs
Showed structure by title and job letter

Process, Techniques, and Factors

Described the process to arrive at that job structure
Described the job evaluation techniques and compensable factors used
Stated reasons for selecting them

Evaluation of Job Descriptions

Evaluated the job descriptions
Indicated parts of them were most useful
Indicated how they could be improved

Used APA style and format for citations and reference section, had appropriate title page, headings, and so forth Grammar and spelling ok



preview of the answer… Whole Foods Market has carried out a job analysis and description with the primary aim of completing the job evaluation. The company has been able to accomplish the desired goals or objectives by relying on fact and accurate information to allow appropriate job identification, highlighting the duties and responsibility of each job (Willie, 2005). The company is dedicated to offering quality foods with the help of their high number of retail outlets and qualified employees.

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