Construct an essay that responds to the following: In Classical Ethics: East and West , Zeuschner… 1 answer below »

Construct an essay that responds to the following:In Classical Ethics: East and West, Zeuschner presents a broad range of ideas “to help students reason about ethical principles as they occur in different cultural contexts, gain insights into the foundations of morality in Western contemporary civilization, and enrich their thinking with a perspective provided by cultures that do not share the same presuppositions of the Greek and Christian traditions” (Zeuschner, 2001).Imagine that you are an entrepreneur seeking to open your products to new markets. In particular, you are interested in establishing relationships with China and other countries in the Sino-Asian region. When meeting with the Deputy Foreign Minister of Trade, one of your first tasks is to help him understand the values and beliefs that dominate the Western capitalist culture from which you emerge. Just as important, however, will be your capacity to understand and appreciate the genesis of Eastern culture, values, and beliefs.What will you say to the Deputy Foreign Minister? And what is he likely to share with you? And finally, in what areas (if any) are you likely to find common ground?

In evaluating your essay, your professor will be looking for evidence that you grasp the overall concept of the assigned chapters in this phase, that you are able to apply that knowledge in a thoughtful and meaningful way, and that your arguments are coherent and defensible.

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