Addressing the Issue of Mistreatment and abuse of Political Prisoners Yes, there are political…

Addressing the Issue of Mistreatment and abuse of Political Prisoners

Yes, there are political prisoners in the world. Unfortunate men and women, certain classes, and political dissidents are still suffering in some areas of the world. Read the articles, ““ by Lee (2014), and ““ by Shulong (2015), which are required reading for this week.

Human rights advocates are aware of this situation. (See this Human Rights Watch .) The U.S. government is aware of this situation. The Chinese government continues to support the North Korean regime. Some cracks have opened in North Korea, including some market activity (i.e., smuggling, black markets) since the famines of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Knowledge of the abuse of political prisoners in North Korea and other dictatorial regimes is widespread.

For this discussion, respond to the following: What could or should major world powers such as the United States and China do to address the mistreatment and abuse of political prisoners in other countries? Specifically, how can the United States help to reform the political culture in those countries that arrest and abuse political prisoners?

Note: At the time of the latest revision of this course (December 2017), relations between the United States and North Korea have become incredibly tense due to North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and threats against its neighbors. President Donald Trump has not taken a military response to the situation off the table. The situation is too fluid to continually update in the course materials, so it will be important for you to check credible news sources prior to posting to this discussion to make sure that your response takes into consideration the latest developments.

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Answer preview……….. To date, some countries mistreat and abuse their political prisoners thus forcing the other noble nations to step in to help in addressing the issue. The first step in addressing the mistreatment and abuse of political prisoners is raising awareness and highlighting the acceptable standards in the eyes of the international community. The first step is a soft measure, but it is a catalyst for further action in countries such as North Korea that are mistreating and abusing political prisoners. Such action is followed by the application of political pressure on the government through extensive and proactive media campaigns. The approach can have some risks such as the possible elicitation of a response or provocation from the country that heightens the tension (Lee, 2014). The objective is long-term in that the change in awareness, as well as attitude towards preserving human life dignity, would take the country in the right direction……….

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