4.3 Final Sales Presentation





You may select a Group Presentation or you may work alone. There is a video presentation of the following information attached to this assignment.   

Examples of presentations are provided at the end of the instructions.

Animation software should not be used as the backdrop for this promotional video. 

Video on youtube or other pre-recorded video is limited to 30 seconds.

Please review the rubric.

Due at the end of Week Three: Outline for Presentation

Due by the end of Week Four: The actual presentation
If you need assistance adding (required) narration and music to Keynote, you can call FSO Support for help. Also, you can follow these directions:



• Determine how to “sell” through an infomercial/commercial

• Determine how to understand and apply the principles of AIDA (below)
• Build upon knowledge gained in the marketing courses
• Produce a high-quality presentation designed to “sell” a product or inspire people to donate to a good cause
• To employ technology that demonstrates effective use of 21st-century skills

Assignment: Create a dynamic, compelling commercial/infomercial that will be used on the website for product/charity or business. Background music is required and should suit the emotional tone of the message and the tastes of the target market.

This is the actual video presentation or a self-playing narrated Keynote that would serve as the commercial for your business, charity, product. Multiple files will not be accepted for this assignment.

You are required to present your personal voice narration unless you have an exception. Message me if have reason to request an exception.

Since this is the Actual Commercial, you should not include background information from your creative planning – only the actual content intended to be shown to your audience.


Commercial/Infomercial using video will last 2 to 5 minutes.

Narrated Slideshow will include at least 10 slides and last 2 – 5 minutes. Background music is required.

You may create a hybrid – Slideshow plus Video or Video including Slideshow.


1. Write a script using all research on your topic.

2. Prodrm, you may use the course dropbox. Please email me that your presentation has been uploaded if you use Dropbox.
Sign on: professionalsellingfs@gmail.com
Password: professionalsellingfs

Additional Information for Creating Your Presentation.

All presentations must: (AIDA)

Capture the Audience’s Attention
Create Interest
Instill Desire
Motivate them to Action

You should determine.

The Product/Service/Charity/Business – What are you selling?
Target Market – Who are you selling to?
Product Features and Advantages – What makes your product/charity better than others?
Benefits – What will your product/donation do for the consumer?
Objections – Why would the customer resist?
Price – For products
Minimum Contribution – For charity donations
Needs – If you are selling a product or business, what needs does your product meet?
Concept – What is the principal theme of the Presentation?
Theme headlines? What will attract the largest audience?
Strategy – How to implement the concept. Video, Keynote?
Format – documercial? storymercial? actionmercial?
Elements – What scenes must be included? Product shots, testimonials, experts?
Opening – How do we grab our audience in the first seven seconds?
How can we make the shot title catchy, different, yet reflect the show’s content?
Retentives – What specific tactics will we use to keep the audience watching?
Call to action – Tell the audience exactly what you want them to do.

Script Writing:
Script the call to action (CTA) first, then script the show body to synchronize with the CTA: when the viewer is asked to make a decision. It’s an exercise in clarity. You’ll discover how you need to describe and place the product benefits and features in a condensed time. And remember, the consumer needs to understand the logic of contributing to your cause, funding your venture or purchasing your product.
Body Scripting
The presentation of copywriter’s primary goal is to motivate an immediate response.
The key to great body scripting is to get the viewer’s attention. And keep it for every moment of every minute. The only way to do this is to think—for every paragraph, on every page of copy—how am I getting and keeping their attention?
Creating the Video/Keynote
Here are some ways to get attention:
1. Visual Grabbers. Beautiful, startling visuals get attention
2. Problem and Solution. This is a classic opening. State a common problem and then tell
viewers you have a solution. They’ll watch to discover it.
3. Be Personal. Talk to the individual. Use “you,” not “him/her/them.”
4. Tell a Story. Stories take time and command people’s attention from beginning to end.
People seek a resolution and happy endings.
Testimonial features (real-life stories) are very effective.
5. Show the Process if you are selling a product. The mind is curious. People love watching the process of making or changing anything.
6. Ask Questions. If you ask a question viewers are naturally wondering about at that moment, they’ll wait for the answer.
7. Pacing. Keep your dialogue moving, your voice-overs and testimonial cuts brief
(maximum 15 to 20 seconds).
8. Call to Action – You must give the audience a definite action step about how
to purchase or donate! What next step should the viewer take?

Again, remember –
AIDA: Get attention, create interest, then desire, then motivate them to action. Move it.
Present the Dream. Give viewers a good sense of how their contribution/purchase makes a difference in their lives and potentially the lives of others.
Be Specific. It’s easier to write in generalities, but generalities don’t sell. Cut the extra words and get down to essential selling points.

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