114) The management strategy of environmental sustainability focuses on developing ways to sustain..

The management strategy of environmental sustainability focuses on developing
ways to sustain the environment while also producing profits.

In the progress toward environmental sustainability, a company must first
strive for pollution prevention and product stewardship before developing
“beyond greening” plans.

Sustainable marketing consists of five principles: consumer-oriented marketing,
customer-value marketing, innovative marketing, sense-of-mission marketing, and
societal marketing.

Sunset Lawn Service puts most of its resources into value-building marketing
investments. The management at Sunset is practicing customer-value marketing.

New World Food Supplements continuously seeks real product and marketing
improvements. Obviously, New World is involved in consumer-oriented marketing.

A company that makes marketing decisions by considering consumers’ wants and
long-run interests, the company’s requirements, and society’s long-run interest
must be practicing consumer-oriented marketing.

In consumer-oriented marketing, a company defines its mission in broad social
terms rather than narrow product terms.

When a company views and organizes its marketing activities from only the
consumer’s point of view, it is practicing societal marketing.

Seatbelts are considered to be salutary products.

Xorbate Blue is a relatively new food supplement that provides both high
immediate satisfaction and high long-run benefits. Xorbate Blue is best
classified as a pleasing product.

When a company chooses what principle to follow on issues of ethics and social
responsibility, there are two common philosophies to use as guides: first, let
the free market and legal system decide, and second, let individual mangers and
companies choose.

A company must lower its ethical standards to successfully conduct business in
countries with lower standards.

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