Yu are required to write a business report proposing a Gamification solution for a specific business issue

  1. Yu are required to write a business report proposing a Gamification solution for a specific business issue. My company is a restaurant called creams in Brighton UK and the issue is the customer waiting time until they receive their food I want to gamify the staff with the motivation, engagement  fun  and design framework.o

Required: Is a 2000-word report, more that 13 references but appropriate references

  • Cover sheet
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction: introduce what gamification, motivation, engagement and fun are. Why they are important, how popular they become. Introduce brief of the business issue, at the end of the introduction explain what is coming next in the report.
  • Business context and issue: discussing very specifically what the business issue is, say something about the issue and about the organisation (focus on the issue)
  • Gamification theory: 1. motivation how it will be helpful, Engagement 3. fun 4.design framework (you can use Victor Manrique the 4 QS or /Simpson 9PS of gamification or / Kevin Werbach’s Design framework)
  • Gamified solution: how you going to apply the gamifications theories to practise
  • Recommendations for evaluation of the gamified solution: how you going to evaluate the solution (quantitative and qualitative )
  • Conclusion: summarise the point we discussed
  • References
  • Appendices

This is how the teacher will look at my report:

Learning outcomes:

SS1: understanding of fun, motivation and engagement and their importance to Gamification and in the design of Gamification solutions
SS2: a sound knowledge of existing models of game design and gamification design
SS3: knowledge and critical understanding of the theory and practice of Gamification

SS4: insight into how Gamification can be theoretically effectively applied in business

SS5: critical understanding of how the impact of Gamification can be evaluated

C1: critical analysis of information from a wide range of sources
C2: application of theory to business practice in designing realistic solutions for business issues

C3: effectively communicating business solution information, arguments and analysis


The following provides indicative marking criteria for this assignment. This is how the teacher will mark

Total marks available (%)
Knowledge and understanding of Gamification theory (SS1, SS2, SS3) 30
Quality of analysis, synthesis, application evaluation and/or critical appraisal (C1, SS4) 30
Application of Gamification with a realistic business solution (SS4, C2, C3) 20
Recommendation for evaluation of the Gamification solution (SS5) 10
Organisation of work, standard of presentation and referencing 10
Total 100%


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