Your assignment is to make the decision using utilitarian

Deliverable: Your assignment is to make the decision using utilitarian ethics–as this week's

classwork and discussions have brought you that skill–and then to write it up in the form of a

Memorandum for the hospital records. Remember that this record could be reviewed by the Peer

Review Committee or the Hospital Trustees at a later date. This is Utilitarian Week in our

course. Employ what you have learned from J. S. Mill and Utilitarianism this week AND one

other of our course's ethicists (of your choice) from earlier weeks. The Memorandum should be

at least two double-spaced pages with a maximum of three pages, in memorandum form, ready

to become an official item of record.

Scenario: Ok, Lead Surgeon, it is time to do what you do best! There is a lot at stake.

The decision must be made almost immediately. Like all actions, you will need to write

your decision into medical documentation before you begin. Yes, that means YOU! In

the limited time before you would begin surgery, you need to consider the cases; the

technical issues involved also, and write a Memorandum for the Record to document

what decision you made and what considerations you included in your process. This will

be on the record, so it needs to be thorough in case it needs to justify your actions at a

later date.

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