You are testing for a position with a highly respected public safety agency. As part of you…

You are testing for a position with a highly respected public safety agency. As part of you employment assessment, you must prepare and submit a ‘personal ethics statement’. This statement will be presented to the interview board prior to your interview. Of course, there are many areas of life in which personal ethics come into play. However, the instructions for this particular public safety agency require you to only address the following items. Using your results from the ‘personal ethics orientation’ discussion, complete the following and react to the postings of at least two fellow students. I would recommend that you read all of the postings of your fellow students. Understanding the ethical orientation of others will also serve to better inform your own. General Personal Ethics Statement Your ethics as they apply to Respect Your ethics as they apply to Integrity this is one of my classmate’s answers General Personal Ethics Statement An administrator’s duty within public safety is to ensure all stakeholders are provided with the utmost of professionalism from an agency committed to maintaining public trust and faith. I will provide full transparency of the agency’s responsibilities without haste. My decisions will be executed without bias while fully supporting the mission of the government. Collaboration for excellence is expected from all members to support an enhanced provision of services. Addressing all angles of conflict while striving for a beneficial resolution will provide a value of diversity within the agency. Your ethics as they apply to Respect As a public safety administrator, I will employ respect in all relations, and encourage the same to others. Members of an agency shall monitor all interactions to ensure a high level of reverence is provided and received. Preventive egocentricity supports the agency’s values to provide solid character morals on a continuous basis. While it is a difficult task to ensure respect is diversified from all perspectives, it is imperative for the occurrence of exhaustive ambitions. Your ethics as they apply to Integrity Through maintaining a strong level of respect within the community, the establishment of integrity develops without effort. This requires candor, impartiality, and morality during all stakeholder interactions. Compliance with statutory requirements and full disclosure constructs an optimum level of veracity for any agency. Development of integrity is not difficult, maintaining a level of excellence is where the dedication occurs.

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