You are required to submit a preliminary draft of your Portfolio Project.

You are required to submit a preliminary draft of your Portfolio Project. (See Attach File: Company name, brief summary,etc) 
Include a title, name of the selected business, and briefly address each required component of the Portfolio Project assignment as found in Module 8.( As below)
This is an important step in the creation of your Portfolio Project (As below). 
A business plan is important because it summarizes the entrepreneur’s vision for the start-up business. No one is in a better position to write your business plan, to articulate the vision, mission, and strategy of your start-up, than you are. This is true for retail businesses, as well as those in manufacturing, business-to-business, or other industries.
Although there is no hard and fast format for a business plan, your business plan must include the following components:
Executive summary
Company summary
Code of ethics
Company ownership/management
Company location and facility
Identification of consumers/target segments
Product or service description
Market analysis summary
Competitive comparison
Differentiation—why your retail business is unique, competitive, etc.
Marketing strategy: pricing, promotion (must include social media/mobile technology), distribution
Human resource requirements
Financial plan: projected profit-and-loss statement, balance sheet, cash flows, business ratios, and benchmarks
Select a retail start-up business. Name it anything you want—but be careful to choose something plausible. Use the list above to structure a business plan to be delivered to a group of bankers or investors. Describe your start-up using the content above and address each point.
Be creative. Incorporate course material into your plan. Use tables, charts, or graphs to help illustrate your points. Feel free to ask your instructor for clarification on any of the requirements of this Portfolio Project.

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