write a paper about “What are the marketing strategies of Microsoft Inc.?”

research from A&M library or www.google.com to write a paper about “What are the marketing strategies of Microsoft Inc.?” (100 points). This group paper is due on December 18, 2015. Please submit your paper to Dropbox under week 16. Please see the detailed group paper rubric 1&2 about how to write a paper about marketing strategy in the next page.

These papers are group projects. Papers (as a Word attachment) are to be submitted directly to the DROPBOX. Late projects will not be acceptable. The maximum pages for the paper should be no more than 20 content pages, double space, using Times New Roman, 12 point font, and APA. (Please note quantity NEVER equals quality). In addition, you should cite at least 12 credible sources (i.e., Journal articles) in the paper and no more than 3 websites may be used). You will need to include a title page with your name, table of contents, 20 pages of content, a reference list, table, figure, and an appendix (if necessary). You are required to use APA format for the entire paper. 

Each group consists of 1-3 members. Please select and form your own group members at your earliest convenience. If you cannot find a group to work together, you need to work on the project by yourself.

Each group has ONE opportunity to ask my feedback on your paper draft. However, please double-check your grammar and English writing before you send your project to me and ask my feedback.

IMPORTANT: I will use tunitin.com to check. No project will be accepted for grading if the turnitin.com percentage is greater than 30%. For an “A” project, its turnitin must be less than 20%. Paper must be in a good writing (without major grammar errors), good transition, good structure, readable, and convincing.

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