Will someone revise the entire document include and update refernce To: Courtney and Carita, StopNShopToday Inc, Owner From: Natasha Rumph Subject:…

Will someone revise the entire document include and update refernce

To:      Courtney and Carita, StopNShopToday Inc, Owner

From:   Natasha Rumph

Subject: Employee Incentives

Date:    December 4, 2017

The cashiers at the StopNShop are very valuable in completing the business function. Their role increases the ease of convenience for the customers. To keep everything flowing smoothly at the StopNShop, the cashiers must show up on time to work their scheduled shifts. The cashiers are scheduled according to the needs of the store as determined by the manager or assistant manager. On days where there is a significant amount of traffic in and out of the StopNShop then, as expected, there are more cashiers scheduled to work. However, in some cases the store may become overstaffed, dependent upon the amount of actual traffic in the store; in those instances, the extra cashiers will need to be rotated out to other parts of the store. It is of the utmost importance to limit the amount of unscheduled tardiness and absences to a bare minimum (Brown & Capozza, 2016). If an employee doesn’t show up for their scheduled shift, then the company has to rush to find someone to fill in for the absent person; if the company is unable to secure a substitute for the cashier, then the shift will end up being understaffed, causing the service to move slowly. When service slows, the customers often become impatient with the long lines and the lack of assistance. In a worst-case scenario, this could result in the customer leaving the StopNShop and possibly never returning to shop here again. This situation is sure to decrease the amount of revenue that is brought in, thereby losing money for the business.  

In an attempt to eliminate the amount of unscheduled tardiness and absences from the StopNShop, an incentive plan needs to be put in place for the individual cashiers. The StopNShop doesn’t have a large budget for employee incentives, so the limit on the amount is $200.00 per employee. Keep in mind that we have developed these concepts based on the cashier’s work value so that we can understand what is important to them. One incentive plan that was brainstormed was to have an “employee of the month.” The reward for being chosen for the employee of the month would be a one hundred dollar ($100) gift card. The qualifications to be considered for the employee of the month would be a perfect attendance record, which includes no tardiness nor absences, including emergencies. A second incentive plan brainstormed was to give the cashiers extra time on their lunch breaks. This form of incentive would provide the employee time to take care of some personal business and give them time to slow down for a few minutes. The third motivation brainstormed was to offer the employee an additional discount on select items at the store. This incentive would be beneficial to both the employee, as well as the StopNShop. With this incentive, the company will still make money off of the sale of the product, while the employee is rewarded for their excellent work.

Typically speaking, employees are interested in incentive plans that are beneficial to their everyday circumstances. Therefore, an incentive plan is going to be anything that motivates the employees to reach their goals. Motivation is the driving force that helps to begin and maintain, as well as a guide an employee to goal-oriented behavior (Brown & Capozza, 2016). Many motivational theories can be tied to employee incentives but none as well as the Expectancy Theory. This approach outlines that people typically choose their behavior based on what they believe the outcome will be. Therefore, according to this theory if there is a reward for perfect attendance, then the cashiers will start to show up regularly and on time to work (Osibanjo, et.al, 2014).

Employee incentives can be given company wide as well as storewide. When offering these kinds of incentives, we are still on a budget and the corporation has asked that we keep it to no more than five hundred dollars ($500) for each store. With this in mind, the store could offer the employee of the month a plaque with their picture on it which would hang in the store, as well as receive their hundred dollar gift card in the form of a rechargeable Visa or American Express card. One of the ideas that were brainstormed for the company-wide incentives was to host a quarterly luncheon to reward all of the employees who have earned the employee of the month award. Another idea that was brainstormed was to give the employees who receive employee of the month for three times in one calendar year, an extra two hundred dollar bonus ($200). These in-store and corporate incentive plans will help the employees to feel that their hard work is appreciated by everyone at the company (Osibanjo, et.al, 2014).   

Best Regards,

Natasha Rumph


Osibanjo, A. O., Adeniji, A. A., Falola, H. O., & Heirsmac, P. T. (2014). Compensation  packages: a strategic tool for employees’ performance and retention. Leonardo Journal of          Sciences, (25), 65-84.

 Brown, R., & Capozza, D. (Eds.). (2016). Social identities: Motivational, emotional, cultural     influences. Psychology Press.

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