Who is the author of this document?

Who is the author of this document? Provide a brief bio (taken from your assigned secondary sources – Corbett and Broesamle) in your own words
When was this document written? How long after the event was it written? 
Give the year. Also use your critical thinking skills. 
What is the subject of this document? Answer in one to two sentences
Where does the action contained in this document take place? Is it important to the subject of the document? What is the relationship of the author to the action?
Why did the author write this document? Who is his audience? What does he hope to gain from writing this document? What is his point of view? All of these questions speak to the author’s bias.
Taking the above answers into account, how accurate do you find this document? Do you think it would be a good document for a historian to use? Why? What would be the drawbacks of using this document? Explain your answer.

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