Which of my ideas can be backed up with research during the subsequent research process?

And I know a lot of people let vegetables sit in their refrigerators until they rot and then they have to throw out all that food. Also, just think about all the restaurants that throw away food every single day. You’ve probably seen homeless people doing “dumpster digs.” I know I have. At least, they are getting some nourishment out of what’s being discarded, but who’d want to eat food that’s mixed with garbage? I think we should have more public service announcements to make people aware of what they are wasting. That would be a first step. Maybe parents could also be advised not to put so much food on their kids’ plates at suppertime. That would solve two problems–the food waste problem and the obesity problem. Then, we could use the money that is saved to help the hungry more than we do. It’s true that some celebrities like Sandra Lee have started a campaign, but not everybody watches her on the food network channel. I guess we need more celebrities getting the word out. I know the President and First Lady are working on this and that’s helping a lot. But there’s really a lot to do. There are food banks, of course. But we really need more than famous people getting the word out. We need the average Joe thinking twice about waste.

Follow-Up Questions

Do I stay on topic in most of the writing, or do I shift to another topic? Am I more interested in my initial or my new topic? ANSWER: I really did focus on the poor and how much food-waste there is in this country. I also talked about what famous people and ordinary people can do to solve the problem of people going hungry.

What words are repeated in my writing? ANSWER: “Poor” (poverty), “food,” “waste,” “celebrities.”

Which of my ideas can be backed up with research during the subsequent research process? ANSWER: There has to be a lot of data about poverty in America and also wasted food. I could also learn more about Sandra Lee and what people like her are doing to help.

Can I identify one or two questions that most of my freewrite responds to? ANSWER: What are celebrities doing to help the poor? What can the average person do?

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